Roots and Wings in College

To appreciate the people and places who have played a role in making me who I am and to explore new spaces and ideas are the two main missions of my life in college. In other words, I want to dedicate this space to the details of my possession of both roots and wings in my undergraduate experience. As a Ball State University student who grew up in Muncie, I like to say that I am no stranger to campus. I find that my roots are undeniably grounded in this city after spending nearly 20 years here. When I began my freshman year of college in August of 2015, I didn’t know much beyond a few simple facts: I was a Whitinger Scholar, an Honors Student, and determined to make an impact on my community and my campus.  Now, two and a half years later, I look back on my time spent at Ball State thus far and feel blessed to call this place — where I have learned, explored, served, and danced — my home. This home, however, is not an anchor that holds me down. BSU’s newest brand campaign is titled “We Fly,” which depicts the image of the Beneficence statue and ties in the concept of students as cardinals in order to symbolize rising to our greatest potential, reaching out to those around us, and impacting our world with the values of excellence, integrity, responsibility, and diversity. Congruent with this metaphor of taking flight, I have most certainly found my wings at Ball State.

Though I have numerous, diverse passions, one of my biggest joys in life is when I get to use my roots to extend my wings. In these instances where I am able to impact both my campus and my Muncie community, I find I grow personally as a reflection of each experience. I endeavor to spend my time in college taking advantage of each opportunity presented to me, especially those which allow me to use both my roots and my wings.

As I listen to the performance of “Flight” from BSU’s brand reveal on Monday, I’m working to refine my own personal brand to best represent who I am. I hope to explain these past and current moments of exploration and use of my roots and wings here in the coming weeks. Thank you for reading, and leave a comment below — I would appreciate feedback on what you would enjoy reading about in the future.

One thought on “Roots and Wings in College

  1. DBF

    You are amazing. Stay grounded and rooted here. But never be afraid to spread your wings and fly. We’ll always be here for you! With much love, Momma


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