See ya, Indiana

The countdown app that has been programmed to remind me of September 1st for months now told me this morning that there are only three days left until Australia (or– until the flight leaves). So, this week has been full of seeing friends and family, packing, taking advantage of my last days of driving, and soaking in some baby Leo snuggles. #AuntLife

It really doesn’t feel like I’m leaving or that I won’t see some of these people in person for 10 months, maybe because it also really doesn’t feel like I’ll be living in another country in a few days. I’m so ready to board that plane and arrive at my new apartment, to meet up with my new co-workers (who are mostly post-docs or doctoral students), to attend the Victorian Fulbright Alumni get together, and to meet the other U.S. Fulbright post-grad student in Melbourne. I’m more than ready to memorize the tram routes that take me to the hospital/lab campus, the tap dance studio, and to the beach. I’m so glad my Mom (“Mum”) is able to travel with me and help get my apartment all set up and to test out all of the amazing local coffee spots (which I’m told are better than Starbucks)!

More than anything, I can’t wait to get started on my research project and to learn what it really means to be a part of the scientific search for answers to questions about familial cancer syndromes and specifically Fanconi anemia.

So, our flight leaves at 1655 on Sunday the 1st, and we arrive in Melbourne at 0730 on Monday the 3rd. Melbourne is 14 hours ahead of Indiana, so I’m trying to train myself to quickly convert times from home to Oz. When we arrive, we will head to the bank to activate my account and pick up my card, to the property manager to collect my apartment keys, and to my apartment to get all set up. We will also have a to do list for the next few days that includes filling out a Medicare application, decorating my apartment, setting up WiFi, and exploring as much as possible!

So for now: see ya, Indiana…

I’m planning to provide updates here– thanks for following along.

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