I grew up as a student at Premiere Dance Center. What started as a hobby to get my energy out and help challenge my brain (and my feet) turned into one of my greatest passions. From age 9, tap dance had me hooked, and I continued through until high school graduation as a competitive dancer. The opportunities afforded to me at PDC  include performing at venues surrounding the London Olympics in 2012, sharing the stage with the touring cast of the Wizard of Oz as a munchkin, and taking master classes from broadway performers and at Broadway Dance Center in New York City. These experiences helped me to develop into a challenge-seeking, self-aware individual, while simultaneously helping me to develop technique and style in dance genres from tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, pointe, modern, hip hop, and musical theatre.

When I graduated in 2015 and chose PDC, I knew I wanted to be involved with the studio that played such an important role in shaping me into who I am today. I started by shadowing my former instructors during their classes, slowly working toward gaining knowledge in this way, in order to best lead my own open enrollment classes at the studio. The next season, I took on teaching an additional class, and learned even more about the attention span, receptiveness, and best practices for instructing children of various ages. I finished my third season teaching at PDC in 2018. I was happy to finally have a tap class – or two – to teach, as tap is my favorite, of course. I used this space to evaluate my pedagogical and choreographic processes.

A significant part of being a dance choreographer and instructor for children of any age is to have a structured class that stays considerably consistent, and to plan ahead. I like to spend most of my time preparing choreography, whether this be for the recital piece or for a small combination in class. In addition, I think of what kind of technique the students already possess, and what skills would be appropriate for them to walk away from this season and my class having mastered. Lastly, I am always sure to have a small warm-up outline and a fun cool-down exercise or game to play, for the younger classes. I am looking forward to take my dancing feet “Down Under” in 2019-2020. Thanks for reading.

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